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14. srpanj 2015 ob 14:46 | 52
These ghosts of bloodthirsty
as you walk toward me,
and I unleashed vicious and angry,
I will not longer stand in your shadow,
but all I know and all I'm aware of.

Kick bloody jaws
and their living heart pulls me out of the breast,
such as I do not fear death,
for me at birth unfair to judge.

Because forward ghosts poor,
know that you are my blood hungry,
his teeth on my soul and heart
of a young deri do we eat your heart.

While bloody foam claws you,
only you do not enjoy thinking about me,
I can endure all the physical pain,
can not see what hurts me.

My pride you can not destroy,
nor a defiant smile to the lips
to hide their tears and blood I shed,
and the fires of hell can burn,
but my win never you will not wait.

After all I'll get up myself,
without heart and soul,
an eye both, broken limbs,
but with your head up,

I'll muster the strength to move on

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