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Do not say a word

19. srpanj 2015 ob 15:24 | 53
An old abandoned house

3 forensic enters,
and the door greeted by eerie sight.

Bloody drag marks leading to the room 1 ..
bloodied walls, peeled paint ..
remains of nails on the walls.

Which go gets worse

Room 1:
A woman without eyes,
upside down hanging on the wall,
crucified like Jesus ..

Room 2:
The boy in the electric chair,
burnt beyond recognition ..
but no ears ..

Room 3:
The girl hanged for tube
her mouth sewn shut with wire..

Next action:

While searching the rest of the house,
hoping to find evidence,
where is the rest of the family ..
and who killed the mother and children ..
light in the house loses its strength ..

Is heard loud banging
from the attic of the house..
and steps,pull chains..whistling.
Suddenly everything stops ..
and the house goes dark.

Re-banging, flickering light bulbs
kicks and screams. Doors closing.
3 people remain trapped in the house ..
not realizing that the end is coming.

Black Hand coming out of the boy's room .

3 views are created in the middle of the hall ..
they peel their skin from the face
No speak,no seen,no sound.


Silence..soft whisper..rapid heartbeat
and fear..


Setting: An old abandoned house

A frightening scene ...
walls full of blood ..
and 3 body ..

Views peel skin of their faces ..
No speak,no seen,no sound

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