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21. srpanj 2015 ob 14:45 | 57
Can you hear me?
Do you feel fear?
Do you see those black eyes
that look at you in the dark ?

The chill runs through your naked body
muffled scream,down on your legs is something elapsed
your something very inportant,shriveled and soft.
now is only ground meet.

The wire you are stuck in the joints to bones ..
i burn your skin,with hooks i opening the eyelids.
with pliers i will take out your teeth,I put fish fats on the eyes
will dig them by birds,whit any luck.

Scream prettily my,how i used to do
I'll take out your stomach,spread on with crap
and let that infection kills you,if i can't do it.

While your mom watches..
How are you at last torments..

Your nipples i tear up with pliers..
until she begging me to let you go..
i crush your bones with chains..

I raise up from the deads..
your nightmare still exists.

While rats and crows in
in your body guests..
your last moment is yet to come..

Story ritten by blood
revenge back, for all that pain
tormented like me,you will not..ever again


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