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Baby (english version)

17. prosinac 2010 ob 18:40 | 59
Life is a game, I am trying to play it
The best that I possibly can
Things never matter, but somebody special
To share all the joy and the pain

It s never so easy to live and pretend
When all I can think of is you,
If I could just tell you
All of those things that I feel

Baby, I want to be your baby
Please don t tell me maybe
I can make you feel so good
Baby, just your little baby
Even if it s maybe
You can make my dreams come true

Life is too short for this game hide and seek
I feel like I m wasting my time
I follow your steps, you don t know that I m there
I smile when you pass me by

Nobody ever comes to my dreams
Your face is all that I see,
If I could just tell you
All of those things that I feel

Maja Šuput & En-Joy

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