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30. listopad 2010 ob 17:55 | 69
Life is a game, I am trying to play it
The best that I possibly can
Things never matter, but somebody special
To share all the joy and the pain

It's never so easy to live and pretend
When all I can think of is you,
If I could just tell you
All of those things that I feel

Baby, I want to be your baby
Please don't tell me maybe
I can make you feel so good
Baby, just your little baby
Even if it's maybe
You can make my dreams come true

Life is too short for this game hide and seek
I feel like I'm wasting my time
I follow your steps, you don't know that I'm there
I smile when you pass me by

Nobody ever comes to my dreams
Your face is all that I see,
If I could just tell you
All of those things that I feel

Maja Šuput i EnJoy

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