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Call Me

02. prosinac 2010 ob 17:16 | 41
I used to think that
we could never make it
that million hearts
could never beat as one
but now - miracle is not
so hard to find

There were times
when I realy doubted
if after stormy weather
always comes the sun
but now - I can see the world
from a different side, yeah

Singer after singer, remebered
different flags, but nations gathered
from the north to the south,
all standing side by side

There was lauhter
and there was crying,
but after all, I m not denying
I m so happy to be here,
cause it s the time of my life

Call me
everytime you re feeling lonely
our greatest wish is one and only
Sing with me, it s how it should be
for the rest of our lives
so won t you

Call me
we ll reach the very top
and nothing less
united in the song,
that s all it takes
fifty candles on the fourty cakes
for the many years of happines


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