Light me

14. siječanj 2011 ob 14:59 | 29
Light me
Come on love
I m the guy who know what I need
just a good time life
a good time life.

Never I had a single girl
who could tuy me down,
don t want a sirious busines
and I will want to tackle love, tackle love.

Just the only thing to do
is to boogy down,
so come on baby
Light me

Don t you love me, light me
I would love to love you
come on love
come on, come on, come on love
light me
don t you love me, light me.

Cos I m so hungry
for a womans love,
all you have to do
come on your own
and just nock on my door, nock on my door.

I could satisfy you
like you never been,
don t let the shame
consume your life.

And be in love with me
Icould give you love
like you never seen.
Light me
Don t you love me, light me.

I want love n, light me
come on love
come, come, come love

Light me
don t you love me
Light me
cos I m so hungry for a womans love
come on baby light me.

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