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Pulse of the universe

14. prosinac 2010 ob 10:23 | 54
feelings are 0 and 1 but i feel perfect when it s cold,
when it s dark, sunny and lighty, when i m happy, when i m sad
beautiful mathemathic function in my head
i will live and die then my energy will create another life
i don t feel sorry cause there s no heaven there s no hell
cause i enjoy the pulse of the universe
does anyone do care - to make a better life
does anyone can see - the greate mashinery
the earth is cruel, but human have chance to choose
do we kill ourselves with killing her
or we live in peace and the pulse of the universe
i love life although there s mortality
religion gives me blind reality
spiritual fuckin things don t exist
only in my head i can kill the evil beast
earth needs care - animal and trees
you can feed your happines with her
later she will feed herself with you

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