This World

04. siječanj 2011 ob 13:23 | 55
Sometimes you hear in the latest news
children are abused, oh, no, Lord
sometimes you find another war
sometimes you feel there s no shore
for the only boat we have

Sometimes we need some place
where no one has to blame
for all we have to fear of
where no pollution has to live
where children begin to reign

This world is one
we don t have another one
this is only place to be
all the people have to see

This world is one

Sometimes you feel another door
where the people have much more
to do for our earth

This is human factory
children s personality should be the
greatest faith of all
we don t need the Neverland
we just need to understand this world

This world is one

No more tears, no more fears
no more trouble to anyone

This world is one

This world is one

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