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11. svibanj 2011 ob 13:12 | 30

By kissing,
He inbreathes her with a germ,
He infects her with grace
That multiplies
In the damp of the eye socket.
He takes her hand
And silently counts
The steps from the kitchen
To the balcony, and then
He affectionately kneels down,
Touches her kidney calyces
And chains her tenderly,
With a chain of promise,
To the uppercellar staircase
That descends
Into the very heart
Of the word wai-ting.

He leaves the door open,
He sticks the key of promise
Behind his left ear.

He knows that the road is clean,
That only his truth
Shall walk upon it;
He knows that the sky
Shall have no edge;
He knows that saliva of a word
Shan't gnaw through her ancle

And smiling, he rushes
The scent of adventure.


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