I am free....

13. travanj 2011 ob 12:22 | 224

I am free....

As the birds in the air
my heart does sing
without a care in the world
oh how things might be

the burdens I once carried
I've laid on the ground
no more weight to hold
I'll no longer be bound

no thoughs of what
I may do or eat
or concern for blisters
upon my feet

your blessing have come
to fill my cup
with amazing abundance
that runneth up

the faith I've held
all of my days
are finally fullfilled
in blessed ways

the hope in things
I've sought in prayer
no longer matters
I'll take your dare

the love I knew
is no longer there
but the love I want
will always care

I'm free to fly
and spread my wings
ready to soar

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TheThornbirdprije 5 godina

Kao ptica u zraku i moje srce pjeva.......prelijepe riječi......hvala ti frendice na ovoj pjesmi......

HUGSprije 5 godina

znala sam da je za tebe :)))

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