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♫ Lost Melody ♪♪

07. studeni 2011 ob 19:13 | 42

♫ Lost Melody ♪♪

♪I sit with this loneliness that has captured me...
I sit and can't begin to play♪ the notes for violin
that had always been so easy for me..I feel this loneliness
inside of me...Why...Why did he have to leave me?

♪The notes of once happy songs are gone from this heart...
I cant play the melody♫....I can't remember how...
I try and try to get these happy notes flowing out again
but no matter how hard I try I just can't begin..The notes
seem lost somewhere deep inside of me..

I hit my fingers on the violin the sound that come out is filled
with only misery..♫ My mind and soul filled with confusion the
man I loved just walked out of my life, leaving me paralyzed
from the notes that my heart onces played and my soul once
felt...♫The music is gone from this heart.. soul...from me forever♪

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