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Whisper of the wind

05. svibanj 2011 ob 01:09 | 115

Whisper of the wind

I hear your voice, whispered in the wind,
It calls softly to me
I know when I hear it,
You want to be with me.

The wind moves my hair about my face
In the manner that you do;
When, in your arms I am embraced
My love I give to you.

It reminds me of your fingers
When you touch my face;
It tells me of your love
In your heart’s secret place.

It brings your thoughts to me each time
When we are far apart,
It keeps our thoughts together
And stirs within my heart.

Oh, would it be that we could meet
Above the breezy sky,
And bind your wings with mine complete
So, together we could fly.

I hope this wind will blow your way
To brush your face as mine;
Till we are one for every day
Our love and lives combined.

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