We're waiting

09. prosinac 2014 ob 06:36 | 84
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While dreaming,

eyes open ...

In the distant world of happiness,

where everything is natural

and there is no rush ...

I imagine Thee,

to watch me,

touching his team views

which outlines the love,

bass and it need ...

I look at you,

sesame ...

(as you did)

and so is indescribable the feeling

full of understanding,


spirit ... one, healthy.

God, grant me You,

I feel that what has long already want!

I do not know who you are,

Only you feel

and gladly wait

long ...

While dreaming,

eyes open ...

all fluttering from the force osjecja

and I am not complaining ...

I know, that you'll come.

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Arwenprije 1 godinu


shadow01prije 1 godinu

i to sa zatvorenim očima,jbg.dobra..

Arwenprije 1 godinu


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