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19. kolovoz 2012 ob 20:11 | 101
We wake up every morning, with the majority feeling that we have dreamed of something, often that feeling quickly disappears and forget. Sometimes, that feeling lasts all day, sometimes for life. And remember what we dreamed. And just sometimes, we feel that what we dreamed of our waking life, so vivid, so much so that it is simply incredible that it is not true.
Dreams are sometimes light as a feather, sometimes as hard as lead, but still dream, and we hope that at least one part of a beautiful dream and realize that I will be a reality.

Each of us dreams, because when we are in deep sleep our minds work and creating images pkared our eyes to rest, sometimes we feel that we dream all night, but dreams only last a few minutes that we are not even aware of.
If you want to remember slikica your dream when you wake up, then let your eyes be closed for at least a minute or two because if you suddenly see the image will lose sleep and agonize you can think of sleep during the day but you will not succeed.

Sometimes the same dream, and repeat and you have the feeling that this dream a reality, on the other hand, if each of us to dream a little effort and can be controlled so that if wants to be always nice to dream and be happy and totally relaxed during the following day.
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