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18. srpanj 2012 ob 18:09 | 38
Life should know how to live, it needs to know love, it should be appreciated. It is like watering a flower that it would be better raso, cvao and smelled. It has thorns like a rose bush, but if the lift falls head life is beautiful despite all the ups and downs that surround us. Life is like a baby who is happy as a little because all the maze and take care, life teaches us to crawl, kneel, walk barefoot and in shoes, she has more, some less, some nothing, and still live life as it has the will to go further and strling with poverty, knowing that no one who has everything in abundance is not happy, although it does not show anyone, because it is a shame to show it's hard to go through life with you all in abundance. Life is lived with the little things, with all the beautiful and ugly things, with money or without money, but you can not live a life without love or respect for others and themselves. Life is a plant that needs to be watered daily, fed goodness because it is beautiful and easy like a feather. HE is beautiful music that everyone can listen, you can all sing and dance even though we are not music-performing of all of us because life has its beautiful notes you need to know to agree because the difficulty is the same if paint on his tired face Put a smile and lifted his head.
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