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Two wishes

19. kolovoz 2012 ob 19:59 | 97
Lust and love are two enormously powerful energies that determine the man's temporal and eternal destiny. They are constantly present in human life. One man carried. They can raise it very high. Can lead to njavišeg degree of perfection, but it can hinder, hinder, break down and destroy.
It should be borne in mind the golden rule: Every true human joy in meeting the desire to be associated with love and imbued with a higher joy. Otherwise it is not human happiness, but is converted to animal ranting.

I have only two wishes one smaller one larger, but even this small, no great desire that we will meet, but I'll stay with her wishes and try to laugh even though the last time we smile never succeeds.
Neither Black Egg fulfill my desire can not, because there are better than my desire to have such a complicated invention wooden chests with hidden treasures.
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