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When love starts to blossom

10. listopad 2012 ob 19:50 | 50
When love starts to blossom

like the trees in the Spring

we need to nurture it

and keep it going

by feeding it with love and tender care

and as the days and months go by

fertilize with the strength from the passion that will nourish it now and again

and if that love

is true then it will blossom year after year

and remain as fruitful

as the first time it began to blossom

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Tinamazaprije 4 godine

Should love poke it's head, from the grey of Winter day. Should it leap, and stalk and pounce upon the unsuspecting soul. Oh love, oh love the skittish-est of the brood and pack of human emotion.....For it's own reason, at it's own time. It serves a wealth of a world unknown. A crown of the heart unseen, a love a love so pure and true....those noble foolish dastard men touch to know not, what is this splendor at the fingertip? What is the warmth and the power and the wonder of such a thing? Love, in all it's sweetness, in all it's golden radiance peeks from a sheet of dazzling sparkly shiny Winter snow---it's hidden, taken cover, buried waiting for the time, the right time, the correct time the one time....and it springs forth, from the melt of the snow, the drip of the ice from the frozen of the love love, are you searching for me? Is it me, you'll grace with your glory. Is it me you'll fill with the courage, bravery to be the fool love asks lovers to it me, is it me?

Tinamazaprije 4 godine

"..and if that love
is true then it will blossom year after year
and remain as fruitful"

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