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NFL competition situation

15. listopad 2016 ob 04:43 | 39
A mere five weeks into the NFL schedule and there's already been a massive separation between the true Super Bowl contenders, the pretenders, and the vast ocean of mediocrity in the league.
For fans in New England, Pittsburgh, Minnesota, Seattle, and perhaps Green Bay, making travel plans for late January and early February is not cheap nfl jerseys farfetched. Those appear to be legitimate championship threats.
Evaluating other successful teams — Atlanta, Oakland, Dallas, Philadelphia — and even the defending champion Broncos, who have lost two in a row, is more difficult.
And then there are the clubs who stand just outside the morass that makes up most of the league right now: Buffalo, Los Angeles, Washington, wholesale nfl jerseys Kansas City. It probably will take two more months to figure out whether they belong in the postseason.
"I can tell you that 100 percent of our attention and our focus is to try to accomplish that," says Bills coach Rex Ryan, whose franchise has an almost unfathomable string of non-playoff seasons dating to 2000. "But playoffs, anything like that, we're cheap jerseys not even close to that. And as I've mentioned before, we've still got a lot of dirt on us from opening up the season, losing those first two games."
What seems certain is that the NFL has Wholesale San Francisco 49ers Jerseys too many substandard teams, even though a few of them (AFC South members, that's you) figure to be in the race right up until 2016 ends.
"But you can't get ahead of yourself," says Colts coach Chuck Pagano, whose team could tie for the division lead with a win at Houston this San Francisco 49ers Jerseys Sunday. And with the Titans (2-3) hosting winless Cleveland, a three-way tie is quite possible. "You can't sit there and look at what could be. If we do this, we're this — you've got to go take care of business now. You have to worry about today. You've got to prepare."

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