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Talk To My Heart

01. travanj 2010 ob 00:28 | 122
I found a friend, someone to help me
And a place I can be myself when I'm in trouble now
I've lost it and I don't know how
I come to you 'cause you can show me
Get me back to the me I know with a remedy
Baby I need your therapy
With your healing kiss you know how to make my mind relax
I will listen to the words you say and just lie back

Talk to my heart that's where real talkin' starts
Words of love that cut straight to my heart
Reach out and touch, so few words say so much
I can hear you when you tell it like it is
When you talk straight to my heart

I guess it shows I need attention
Somehow you're asking all the right questions and I've gotta say
What's been on my mind these days
And I know you know just how to make my mind react
When it's coming straight from you that's my first point of contact

I'm bad at making decisions
But being alone with you just feels so right, feels so right
I'm losing my inhibitions
With every minute I share with you tonight, share it with you tonight

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